FLEX distribution schedule update

In order to enable initial price discovery of FLEX ASAP and reserve more FLEX for liquidity incentives after the FLXD lunch, we will make the following changes.

Overall FLEX distribution schedule

  • Community distribution: 25.72% — Phase 1–14.29%, Phase 2-11.43%.

Token distribution.

Phase 1 (starts Tuesday, April 13 at 22:00 UTC and lasts 4 weeks) — 21,000 (ends Phase 1 on May 11).

  • Week 1 (commencing Tuesday 13th April) — Total 10500 FLEX (500 FLEX/pool/day).

Phase 2 (starts Tuesday, April 20 at 22:00 UTC and lasts 6 weeks) — 16,800.

Only incentivise a liquidity pool for FLEX-BUSD.

  • Week 1 (commencing Tuesday 20th April) — Total 5600 FLEX (800 FLEX/pool/day).

Once the 8 weeks distribution period has passed, the initial FLXD minting ceremony will happen.



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